The Star Diner is now Persy’s Place

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Welcome To Persy’s Place

Seems the concept of a restaurant that makes a “Special Occasion” out of breakfast started in the 40′s when my Mom, known by most as Grammy Bob, would prepare for family and friends everyone’s favorite… a “Heston Breakfast”. As years went by , a tradition emerged and our kids and friends came to expect me to prepare one of her “soon to be famous” recipes.

Forty years later, in 1982, we opened Persy’ Place, a place where the day’s first meal was steeped in tradition… where Grammy Bob’s recipes were remembered and our own were added… where you could expect your breakfast to come with a hot slab of grilled cornbread and a portion of Boston baked beans.

Ronnie and the Satellites

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Back together again after 50 years… Congratulations to Ronnie and the Satellites with their successful SOLD OUT Dinner Show at the Stadium Theatre. From all of us at the Star Diner!

Granddads recreate their 1950s doo-wop sound


Valley Breeze photo by Ethan Shorey

Granddads recreate their 1950s doo-wop sound

Cadillac & LaSalle Club Meeting at the Star Diner

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The Star Diner hosted the Cadillac & LaSalle Club for their monthy meeting on Sunday February 21st. this meeting was open to anyone interested in these fine automobiles. Additional information can be found at